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Southeast Guilford Community Association President Memo

December 3, 2007 Email

Fellow Members; This memo is to alert you to the changes that were adopted at our last meeting for meeting dates for 2008, in hopes that we all can plan around these meetings. 
First, starting in January the "Advisory Committee" meetings will be held on the "2nd Thursday" of each month at Alamance Presbyterian Church at 7PM in the meeting room on the first floor where we have met several times during the past year.  We are aware that this may not be the best night for some, however we felt that firming a date on the calendar would help in future planning of guest speakers & programs in advance.  We encourage each member to  plan around this new date and time.
Second, as we move into 2008 it is imperative that we develop "Strategic Initiatives" for own growth from a new Community Association with "generalized goals" to an Association with "Strategic Goals and Actions".  In preparation for our January meeting I ask that each of us concentrate on what additions or changes in purpose we should adopt.
Existing Purpose:
  1. Promote community growth and development.
  2. Improve access to public water and sewer.
  3. Promote economic development and opportunities.
  4. Further the common good and general welfare of residents.
Some suggestions for thought;
I encourage each of you to provide your own ideas and thoughts as we move into the new year.
To do this we must continue to find individuals who are willing to take ownership of committee's.  We also need to organize the Association in such a way to be able to focus on our stated purpose and to administer implementation of out strategic plan.  How will we breakdown each purpose? Goals, Strategies, Actions?  Please have your thoughts to me by January 2nd!
Wishing each of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!!