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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 07/17/07 7:00 PM

 Attendees: Joe Andrews, Angela Burgess, Margie and Ben Cockman, Lloyd Dickerson, David Gearhart, Harold Garrett, Aaron Harris, Walt Knight, Sue McElroy, Denise Osborne,  Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas.  Visitors: Sal Judeh (new Subway restaurant owner on 421), Abdulla Alshanteer (landowner-south side of Woody Mill between 421 & Liberty Road), Walt Knight (Freeman Real Estate representing Abdulla)


The new Subway restaurant on Liberty Road will open on August 6!

Food Lion Shopping Center:  Walt Knight of Freeman real estate ( and Abdula Alshanteer (  spoke about their shopping center plans at the corner of Woody Mill & Liberty Road (diagonal to Stafford Accounting building).  The rezoning and engineering work is underway for the current site which is 10-12 aces.  Site plans have been done.  Brantley Tillman is the Food Line developer/builder that will build the center.  It would be a brick structure and would not have a flat roof.  The store will be 36,500 square feet.  August 2008 is earliest possible date for the shopping center.  They are also searching for a drug store to locate on the outside corner.  Walt and Abdulla requested help from the committee to support the rezoning request which would likely occur at the August 15 or September 15 zoning meeting.  There are other approvals still required related to wetlands and utility extension.  The total site plan could possibly include the Wayne Smith and Jule Oates properties on Liberty road if those properties can be acquired.  Walt Knight of Freeman Real Estate is representing Abdula  in buying the adjoining properties. The project will proceed even if the adjoining property owners do not sell. The adjoining Womack land may be rezoned but it will not be a part of Abdulla’s center. 

Lowes Foods is planning to build on the Weathersby site across Woody Mill Road from the site mentioned above  A sign has been ordered to announce their project but there is no date.  Sandy Weathersbee has filed a water/sewer request with Guilford County in June.  The request has to be approved by City of Greensboro.  Neither request has been approved.  There seems to be a delay in process since it is new. 

Spring Market plans have been canceled in the Forest Oaks Shopping Center.


By-laws (Angela Burgess, Denise Osborne, Sue McElroy, David Gearhart) – No report.

Government Relations (David Gearhart, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams, Dan Rogers)-  Darin attended a Jordan Lake water shed meeting.  NC is trying to impose a much higher standard on the area west of 421.       There is a lot of public opposition due to the cost but some form of this will likely be implemented.

Planning and “Issues” (Harold Garrett, Bob Chamberlin, Darin Thomas, Aaron Harris, Susan Clawson, Lloyd Dickerson) nothing to report, permission requested for small group to attempt to create a first draft.  Bob Chamberlin will be asked to lead the committee.  Next committee meeting will be July 26 at 6 PM.

Finance (Rosemarie Williams, Lloyd Dickerson) No report

Website (Dan Rogers,  Angela Burgess, Bill Brannon, Joe Andrews)

Joe reported the group will meet with A3 (vendor) on Thursday.   This will be a no cost option because Lloyd Dickerson’s REMAX  has agreed to cover the cost.


FOCA and SGCA are writing a letter to the owner of the BP to complain about condition of the property and offer a one-time clean-up.

An Asphalt plant legal fee fund raiser has been set for Saturday 11-2 at Lynwood Lakes shelter.  There will be another zoning appeal in August.  They have joined with Blue Ridge Environmental group who is also opposed to the plant.

August 2 will be the next meeting for the SE Community Business Association at 5:30 at Forest Oaks Country Club.  Dave and Denise will represent our committee since we have joined this association.

August 7 will be the Guilford County public meeting 6:30-8:00.   

Next SGCA meeting will be July 31 Tuesday at 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian and will be specifically for doing the first work on the planning map.

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM.                                       Dan Rogers, secretary