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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 07/31/07 7:00 PM


 Attendees: Joe Andrews, David Gearhart, Harold Garrett, Aaron Harris, Sue McElroy, Denise Osborne, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas.  Visitors: none

 Minutes from July 17, 2007 were approved as submitted.

 Dave Gearhart read a letter that was sent to Sam’s Food Stores requesting a cleanup of the convenience store located near the entrance to Forest Oaks.  An email was also sent to BP Corporate Headquarters.  A thank-you note may be sent if there are improvements are seen in the near future.


 By-laws (Angela Burgess, Denise Osborne, Sue McElroy, David Gearhart) – Denise reported that the bylaws committee (except Sue) met on 07/18 and created a draft of the bylaws.  They have concerns that the current draft of the Articles of Incorporation does not allow “members.”  This needs to be changed in the articles so that the bylaws can be modified.  The exec committee would be able to appoint board members from the general membership of the Association.  Examples could include committee chairs and reps from area Community association.      

Government Relations (David Gearhart, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams, Dan Rogers):  No meetings/no report

Planning and “Issues” (Harold Garrett, Bob Chamberlin, Darin Thomas, Aaron Harris, Susan Clawson, Lloyd Dickerson):  Long discussion and marking of an area land usage map.  Emphasis on Liberty Road which will likely be the “main street” for our area

 Finance (Rosemarie Williams, Lloyd Dickerson):  No meeting/no report.

Membership Committee No report.  A suggestion was made to create a spreadsheet containing all members.  Dan Rogers agreed to get the old sheet from Angela and include it in the minutes of future meetings.  Updates could be sent via email. 

Denise Osborne led a discussion about a tiered approach to pricing memberships.  Joe had the idea of selling a coupon book from businesses for the SGCA site along with memberships. 

Website (Dan Rogers, Angela Burgess, Bill Brannon, Joe Andrews): Joe and Dan met with Tom Veltru, the rep from website developer, A3 on 07/19/07 at Community in Christ, Presbyterian.  Joe and Dan desire a significant amount of control over the content of the site.  A3 is researching a way to allow us to control more of the content rather than having to request this from A3.  Joe was asked to contact Lloyd if he would consider funding the web development at Marty Designs as a contingency if A3 is not able to offer the flexibility we desire.  The committee also wants to be sure that future advertising for competitors of Lloyd is something that he agrees to support.  There was general agreement that this was important even if a higher cost was necessary.  Joe also discussed the idea of a message board on the site as a way of generating revenue.  The group discussed the idea of creating a community mailing list.


Alshanteer-Food Lion Shopping Center: Food Lion Board of Directors will meet on 7/31/07 to approve the site.  Negotiations to acquire the J Oates land that adjoins the 12 acres is proceeding well.

Weathersby-Lowes Foods Shopping Center: no report


Southeast Business Association will meet at FOCC on August 2 at 5:30 PM.

A Guilford County public meeting will be held on August 7 at Alamance Presbyterian from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Next SGCA meeting: August 29, 7 PM  at Community in Christ Presbyterian

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.                                       Dan Rogers, secretary