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 Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 August 29, 2007   7:00 PM  at CIC Presbyterian


            1. By-laws

            2. Government Relations

            3. Planning and "Issues" 

            4. Finance

            5. Membership           

            6. Web Site  

 Attendees : Joe Andrews, Angela urgess, Bob Chamberlain, Susan Clawson, Margie and Ben Cockman, Lloyd Dickerson, Devin Drye, Harold Garrett, David Gearhart, Helan Lawson, Sue McElroy, Denise Osborne, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas

 Visitors: Lonnie Baxley attended for the first time and has joined the group

 Minutes from July 31, 2007 were approved as submitted.

 Dave Gearhart reported that there has been lots of community interest in our organization since the recent meeting with Guilford County.  One email expressed concern about trucks going down Liberty Road to Varner Road to Mossy Rock Road to Wiley Lewis to get to the I-85 bypass rather than using Harmont.  An idea surfaced about creating some signs in the community to publicize our meetings.  Margie agreed to join the membership committee and make calls to potential members who do not use the internet.

A permit has been issued from Guilford County to replace the roof of the Agapion (old Winn-Dixie) shopping center.

A letter was received from Weathersby after Food Lion got internal approval to build a center.  Food Lion is ready to submit the site plan for approval by Guilford County on September 12.  Their goal is to finish the project by November 2008. Darin will check with Greg and Trevor to see if public support is needed.  Darin’s company is bidding for the sewer work.  Sandy is concerned that Food Lion may not be held to same standards that he is being held to uphold.  Sandy is saying that his plan for completion is 36 months.  The only thing that could stop the sewer from getting to the Food Lion are 3 property owners who need to agree to an easement.  Lonnie attended the county comprehensive planning meeting where some very general guidelines for development.  Dan proposed that we focus on setting standards for the Liberty Road area.     Dan and Lonnie will contact Greg Niles to expand the scenic corridor along 421.  Greg and Bob Chamberlin agreed to join in on the meeting.  Darin said that Greg and Trevor will hold one more session to finalize.  Angela had concern about development Alamance and Young’s Mill Road.  Those people need representation, too.     

Joe Andrews shared a concern that we adequately represent the wishes of the community.  The sentiment was that the county government has the only real authority and that we are interested citizens.


 By-laws (Angela Burgess, Denise Osborne, Sue McElroy, David Gearhart) –   Denise presented a new draft of the by-laws.  They contained dues amounts for members.  There was lots of discussion how to partner with the existing community associations and churches in the area.   One idea is to offer membership as an option when Forest Oaks, Olde Forest and Lynwood Lakes annual dues collections.  Angela suggested that the membership committee be engaged to determine how to raise funds. The by-laws committee should take the verbal input and develop another draft.  Darin agreed to serve temporarily on the membership (as a substitute for David Gearhart who will not be available for the next three weeks) and call a meeting to determine      

 Government Relations (David Gearhart, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams, Dan Rogers):  No meetings/no report

 Planning and “Issues” (Harold Garrett, Bob Chamberlin, Darin Thomas, Aaron Harris, Susan Clawson, Lloyd Dickerson):    

 Finance (Rosemarie Williams, Lloyd Dickerson):  A sign is needed to promote the community association.  A yard sale fund raising idea was mentioned.  Engage the business community to support the association.  Darin wanted to have an annual “town” meeting,

 Membership Committee (David Gearhart, Lloyd Dickerson, Margie Cockman): 

 Website (Dan Rogers, Angela Burgess, Bill Brannon, Joe Andrews): Joe reported that  Bill Brannon has agreed to build a pilot site.  This would be a very low cost and would allow us to control all the content.  Later, a professional site may be acquired.  Lonnie agreed with the cost estimate of $200.  Approval was given for the money to be spent.  The group wanted to see the site before it is open to the public.  A domain name will be chosen by the website committee


 Alshanteer-Food Lion Shopping Center: Food Lion Board of Directors will meet on 7/31/07 to approve the site.  Negotiations to acquire the J Oates land that adjoins the 12 acres is proceeding well.

Weathersby-Lowes Foods Shopping Center: no report


 Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: September 27, 7 PM at Community in Christ Presbyterian

 Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.                                       Dan Rogers, secretary