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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 November 13, 2008   7:00 PM   Alamance Presbyterian


Dave Gearhart called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.  Attending were Dave Gearhart, Rosemarie Williams, Susan Samuelson, Lonnie Baxley, Bob Chamberlain, Denise Osborne, Jennie McNamara, Jean King, Nanette Riddle, Harold Garrett and Sue McElroy.  Marty Heim, web designer, was visitor and introduced by Dave.

Dave asked Sue McElroy to take the minutes as Dan Rogers and Joe Andrews both absent.

Denise Osborne and Marty Heim spoke first about their new project, a newspaper for the southeast community called Southeast Lifestyle.  It is meant to uplift the community and stress the good, positive news that doesn’t get covered in other places.  They will work with businesses and have an interactive page for articles to be submitted.  There will be drop locations – we might suggest places for drops.  The 1st issue is in mid January but some page designs and information already on website, “”.

Lonnie Baxley suggested that Dick Mearns would be an excellent interview for the newspaper on the trails being developed.  There will also be a link to the newspaper on our website.

Next item on Agenda - minutes.  Secretary not attending so no minutes to read.  The Treasurer, Rosemarie Williams, reported that our balance is $1,441.  She also asked if someone had not been appointed to send email to solicit funds from the Advisory Board?  Joe, Dan?

The grant application to Funds for a Democratic Community was not approved this time.  There were awards of $30M for $82M in requests.  There are other grants to be applied for – Dave has knowledge of some and so does Darin.  This will be pursued.

Our attorney has filed for the 501(c)3.  Dave just received a copy of the draft for the exemption from the IRS.  There are places to be filled in and returned to attorney.

Sue read minutes of Trail Committee Meeting of October 29th.  Lonnie made contact with NC A&T which has new requirement for 50 hours of community service in order to graduate.  Would be great for Trails to have students map out the trails with GPS or help in other ways.  We talked about Hagan Stone Park trails and other opportunities for the community there.  Lonnie will do some virtual walks there.  A&T students could also be valuable with the newspaper – Journalism students.

Bob Chamberlain, as committee chair, reported on Fundraising/Advertising Committee:

Jennie spoke with Cindy Lohman, editor of the Guilford Record.  She will ask her to do phone interview with Dave to let Cindy know what SEGCA does.  It is free and fairly easy to put local events in this newspaper section.  Also it was suggested that a calendar of events needs to be developed to post there and other places, i.e. our website.  It would be very labor intensive – any volunteers?  Marty Heim said their people could build the calendar and it would be available for newspaper and SEGCA and business organizations.

Bob Chamberlain will talk to owner of Angelina’s about having a Grand Opening of the Forest Oaks Commons new store.  Bob also contacted Discovery Magazine, an annual publication enclosed with the News & Record.  To get an article in it for next year we’d have to submit outline on what we’d like to include.  No cost to have article if accepted.  It was suggested that a broader committee be formed to decide where to go with an article.  They would report back in January

Advertising Committee also has new links which are to be set up on our website.  Jennie suggested possible fundraiser ---  Chili Cook Off!  Sounds promising.

Lloyd Dickerson resigned from Board and Advisory Board due to personal reasons.  He wants to come back later.

Drugstore report – Walgreens had 7 stores scheduled but reduced to 1 because of economy and our shopping center not selected.  However, the developer had problems and had to back out so now possibility with new developer.  CVS in Liberty moving to Forest Oaks area.  Where???  Also prospect of independent drugstore.

Kate Tilghman of Food Lion says all 8 spaces are already leased!!!  Food Lion to open December 17th.

Sandy Weathersbee is sitting tight until road issued resolved.  Still in limbo.

 Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: December 11, 7 PM at Alamance Church

Sue McElroy took these minutes.