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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 Feb 21, 2008   7:00 PM    Alamance Presbyterian Church

Attendees:  Joe Andrews, Lonnie Baxley, Bill Brannon, Angela Burgess, Bob Chamberlain,  Dan Donovan, Harold Garrett, David Gearhart,  Aaron Harris, Sue McElroy, Jennie McNamara, Denise Osborne, Nanette Riddle, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas

Visitors: Sandy Weathersby, Steve Farrar, Jean King, Mo Saidi

Dave introduced Sandy Weathersby and the other visitors.

Sandy showed a site plan for the Woody Mill Square Center.  Sandy has almost received approval using a new process (city and county) for sewer service.  Brantley-Tillman has been doing the engineering work.  He is one month away from filing a rezoning petition for the remaining portion of the 60 acres he ownes.  Most is already zoned properly.    He is considering 30 adjoining acres for future projects but not at this time.  Some adjoining property owners are not yet interested in selling.  The Lowes store will be 50,000 square feet.  Some other space will total 200,000 square feet   Cone Healthcare seems more interested in developing their land and will not sell.  Other parts of the property could be developed as residential or homes for elderly.   Traffic projections are for 4000-6000 cars/day.   There will be 4 lanes surrounding most of the project.  Lowes has this in their 3-4 year plan.  Brick and precast stone traditional architecture is the intent.  He expects to start after the DOT project to do the new exit off 421 at Woody and take 4-6 years complete.  Doug Gallon, chairman of DOT, division 7 should be lobbied to ensure funding is not withdrawn from the exit.  Sandy is open to changing the name from Woody Mill Square to something that our committee desires.  March 3 is when the city does the WSSA approval and some other approvals in April.  General discussion of the project followed after the exit of Sandy Weathersby. 

Dave said there are rumors that Forest Oaks Shopping Center is about to be sold.  Curves building has been condemned.  They are moving to the new center across Liberty Road.  The Dry Cleaner is moving across the street, too.   

Mo Saidi, a partner with Subway, presented the idea of breakfast menu for the store.   The group liked the idea.  Lots of drive-thru.  Breakfast could start at 6:00 AM.  An online survey could possibly help to determine if there is interest in the area.   Lonnie agreed to work  with Mo on the survey and we put it on our website.  Mo will consider a bag stuffer to promote taking the survey. 

Darin led a discussion about a proposed 220 condos and 112 townhomes across from SEHS on SEHS road.  Prices will be $180,000 to $220,000.  Megabuilders is owned by county commissioner Mike Winstead.

Derik, the attorney contacted Darin.  The SEGC group wants to by time.  Lots of concern about density, school capacity, safety and general compatibility with the area.  The five criteria that are used to make the decision are what we focused.  The group wants the average price to be higher.  Darin agreed to contact the attorney and county staff and try to get the zoning hearing delayed/continued.  It is now scheduled for March 12.

Darin supported the strategic plan and the proposed committee structure.

Nanette Riddle presented business cards and asked for feedback via email.

Sue and Rose Marie spoke about grants that are available.  The idea is to ask for money to promote our website using banners in the community.  We need a sponsor 501C3 non-profit. Nanette knows of one.

 Next SGCA Board meeting: March 4, 6:30 PM at Alamance Pres.

 Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: March 13, 7 PM at Alamance Pres.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.                                       Dan Rogers, secretary