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Southeast Guilford Community Association Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes March 13, 2008   7:00 PM    Alamance Presbyterian Church

Attendees:   Lonnie Baxley, Bill Brannon,  Bob Chamberlain,  Susan Clawson, Dan Donovan, Harold Garrett, David Gearhart,  Sue McElroy,  Nanette Riddle, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams

Visitors:  Terry Lee, local developer.  Rick Wallace, candidate for county commissioner district 5.

Dave reported that Lisa Andrews and Billy Yow, candidates for county commissioner, will be invited to attend future meetings

Lonnie reported that the online survey (using Survey Monkey) had been completed concerning Subway serving breakfast.  There were 100 responses and 96 were positive.  

Darin made a motion that we buy Survey Monkey to be used for real issues.  Motion carried.

Dave reported that MegaBuilders approached SGCA with development plans for 64 acres (350 units) on Southeast School Road across from the SEHS baseball field.   We have to respond before a meeting to be held on April 9 to rezone the property.  The developer has not yet provided elevation drawings.  Darin suggested that we use survey monkey.    Dave contacted Allen Duncan of Guilford County Schools concerning the potential safety issues.    Terry Lee spoke about plans to develop a tract adjoing the MegaBuilders project.  Terry’s land contains 45 acres between CIC and Dr. Brown.   His plans are for an assisted living center that will face Liberty Road.  He shared concerns about the MegaBuilders high density development on Southeast School Road and the possibility of a road connecting both projects.  He expects the Technical Review Committee for the City will likely manage the project.  Terry thinks the strategy should be to raise the price point of the project.  The school zone/safety argument is the strongest argument to oppose the project.  He advised that we will not stop the project.  We need to develop the criteria that we could support.  Terry agreed to review any document that we produce to present to MegaBuilders. Terry had already met with Derick representing MegaBuilders and expressed concerns about connecting the streets between both projects.  There was lots of discussion about the lower price that was proposed at the Board meeting ($120K vs. $180K that was mentioned earlier).  There was more discussion about using survey monkey to engage the community.   Terry suggested that we engage Les at county planning to get a sense of what they would agree with.  Lots of discussion on what to require such as turn lanes.  Mike Mills and Lane Hall with DOT should also be engaged to get input.  The Committee agreed to use the Stone Gables conditional statement as an example of what we will accept for multi-family type housing and add restrictive covenants.  (note: Additional meetings were held in early April but no minutes were taken) 

Jonathon Hallis is the person who made the Food Lion re-zoning appeal.  He is proceeding with the appeal. 

Rick Wallace, former mayor of Pleasant Garden spoke to the group about running for County Commissioner against Billy Yow.  He vowed to be available, professional and represent all of District 5 in Guilford County.  He said that that Yow does not effectively engage other board members and others who have influence.  Rick is very pro-education and supports school bond.  He supports business incentives only when there is a clear return for the community.    He is a Republican and believes in right-to-life, gun ownership and other core party values.  He views this role as public service.  He has four children.  He asked for our support when we vote.     

Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: April 10, 7 PM at Alamance Pres.

Dan left at 9:15 PM (while Rick was talking)                 Dan Rogers, secretary