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Southeast Guilford Community Association Advisory Board

 Meeting Minutes- April 10, 2008 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian Church

Attendees:   Bill Brannon, Bob Chamberlain,  Susan Clawson, Harold Garrett, David Gearhart,  Sue McElroy,  Dan Rogers, Rosemarie Williams

Visitors:  Gary and Paulette Davis (homeowners adjoining MegaBuilders project)

     Dave reported on the rezoning meeting from 4/9/07.  The MegaBuilders project was approved at 4.5 units/acre.  Darin represented SGCA. All units will be owner occupied.  Structures will be 50% brick/stone/masonry.  Hight will be limited to 35’.  There will be a 100’ “no build” zone around the adjoining  Davis property and a 100’ vegetated buffer around the entire project.  All exterior lighting will be directed down and away from adjoining properties.  The structures will include single story duplexes, quads,  and 2 story townhomes.  Minimum square footage will be 1700 sq ft. for quads and duplexes.  Townhomes will be 1600-2000 sq ft.  Entrances will be upscale.  Roofs will be at least 8/12 pitch.  Center turn lanes and acceleration/deceleration lanes along the entire property will be built.  There will be a 25 mph speed zone.  Curb and guttering, sidewalks, and bike trails are included.  A safe cross walk will be manned with a deputy sheriff until a traffic light is installed.  The new traffic light is pending a state DOT review.  Dave will make an appeal directly to the developer to limit the project to 4 units/acre since this was the verbal agreement prior to meeting.  There will be no official appeal from SGCA to the Guilford County Zoning Board.  Sandy Weathersby received approval for both rezoning requests approved for the Woody Mill Square Center.  The Food Line project zoning appeal will be heard 4/17/08 at 5:30.    

     Rosemarie presented one of the four new 15’ long signs that display our website.  These can be used at community events.  She has also found refrigerator magnets.   She reported that the treasury has $1400. could handle our dues payments for $.35 + 4.5% for dues payments plus a $50 initial fee.  This can be added to our website.  Motion was made and carried.  

     Dave presented a business card.  The group expressed that the web site should be shown on the front of the final card.

     Dave presented info about a candidate’s forum that will be presented by SGCA on April 22 at SEHS auditorium.  The time will be 6:30 – 9:00 PM.  The group wanted to have a flyer to show info about the forum.   Susan agreed to help distribute the flyer.  Harold will distribute to Alamance Presbyterian.  Sue will call other churches. Bob agreed to help gather the questions.  Bill agreed to send the flyer via email.  He will ask Lonnie to put it on the website.  Rosemarie make 1000 copies will take to 4 schools.  Questions will be submitted via email and at the door. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM                 Dan Rogers, secretary

Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: May 08, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church