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Southeast Guilford Community Association Advisory Board

 Meeting Minutes- May 8, 2008 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian Church

Attendees:   Joe Andrews , Lonnie Baxley, Angela Burgess,  Susan Clawson, Dan Donovan,  Harold Garrett, David Gearhart,  Sue McElroy,  Jennie McNamara, Denise Osborne,  Nan Riddle, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams

      Rosemarie reported that there is approximately $1,200 in the treasury.  Motion was made to reimburse Rosemarie $520 for the cost of purchasing two the banners.  Rosemarie donated 2 additional banners.

      Sue McElroy reported that we have received a grant for $500 from the Fund 4 Democratic Communities.  SGCA received a higher percentage of our request (50%) than most applicants.  SGCA can apply with a larger grant this fall from this same organization.  Lonnie suggested that we put the news of our grant our website.

      Dave reported that the candidate/bond forum that SGA sponsored was attended by approximately 200 people.  Darin suggested that we have more events like this at appropriate times.

      Dan Donovan reported that we are 501C4 non-profit organization (IRS classification).  501C4 organizations are mainly for the purpose of political lobbying.  Dan suggested that we change our organization to 501C3.  To do this, we need to file an amendment to our articles of incorporation and pay a filing fee of $50.  Bylaws will need to be amended in a minor way.  There may be a fee from IRS.  Motion was made to allow Dan to move forward with creating the necessary paperwork and necessary changes to the bylaws to begin the conversion.

      Paul Daniels, Guilford County School board member, has joined our organization.

      Lonnie and Rosemarie reported that could handle our dues payments for $.35 + 4.5% for dues payments plus a $50 initial fee.  Lonnie has agreed that this would be easy to add to our site.  Motion was made and carried at previous meeting.

      Lonnie reported that activity on the SGCA site was 46,000 hits since Jan 1, 2008.  Jenny McNamara plans to link her site  to our site.

      The Food Lion construction has begun.  Darin reported that sewer permit is still waiting final approval due to a DOT delay.

      Denise reported that the SE Business Association is redoing their directory this year.  She proposed that some members of our group write content for the directory.  Kim Cable-Bradford was suggested as a good person to do the writing with approval from SGCA.  Lonnie reported that SE Baptist church is buying land for softball and soccer fields.  This information could be included in the directory.

      Darin showed samples for SGCA business cards, stationary, envelopes and handouts.  The approximate cost will be $500.  Angela and Rosemarie agreed to get another quotes.  Darin proposed that we buy personalized cards for the officers and generic cards for members.  Lots of discussion but no specific action was taken.  Lonnie agreed to try and coordinate the look of the website with the same style selected for the cards.

      Dave reported that we have purchased Survey Monkey.  Jenny, Lonnie, Angela, Joe agreed to create some survey questions/topics.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM                 Dan Rogers, secretary

Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: June 12, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church

Next Board meeting:  June 4, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church