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Southeast Guilford Community Association Advisory Board

 Meeting Minutes- June 12, 2008 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian Church

 Attendees:   Lonnie Baxley,   Susan Clawson, Lloyd Dickerson, Devin Drye, Dan Donovan,  Harold Garrett, Aaron Harris, Jean King, David Gearhart,  Aaron Harris, Sue McElroy,  Denise Osborne,  Nan Riddle, Dan Rogers

Visitors: Dick Mearns

      Minutes were from 05/08/08 were read and approved.

      At the direction of the Board of Director, Dan Donovan is proceeding with researching to idea of converting our organization from a 501c4 to a 501c3.  A 501c3 will allow tax deductible contributions and accepting grants.   This type of corporation offers tax deductable contributions and free mailings.

      Dick and Lonnie led a discussion of the Greenway trails for biking and walking.  Lonnie presented a survey for our website.   Dick talked about what is happening in Greensboro with bike lanes on various streets.  Funding would likely be the issue.  The ideal time for changes would be when roads are being repaved.  There was some discussion about using as much public land as possible.  There was an idea to develop a strategy.  Lonnie covered the survey.  Dan Rogers suggested that we include bike lanes, sidewalks and off road trails in the same survey.  A committee was formed including Dick Mearns, Susan Clawson,  Lloyd Dickerson, Sue McElroy, Rosemarie Williams, and Lonnie Baxley.  Harold Garrett will be the board liaison.  The final survey will be published by this committee.       

      The speaker from Funds 4 Democratic Communities did not attend as expected.  They will be invited to a future meeting.

      Dave presented the idea of Forest Oaks Community Association using Survey-Monkey.  There was no objection.

      Dave stated that Forest Oaks County Club is now managed by Troon Management.  Dave met with Rick Layton, GM at FOCC.  They agreed that we should work together.  FOCC may want to join our organization.  They have ideas on how to reinvigorate the club and the whole area.

      Dave reported that DOT has agreed to the location of the sewer line.  This decision had been a delay.  The target date for the Food Lion opening is December 18.  There is no definite information about other tenants.  McDonald’s is in negotiation. 

      Dave reported that Darin’s company has been awarded the contract to manage the location and sizing of sewer service for all of Guilford county locations where the city decides to expand service.

      The group discussed the death of Greg Niles, Guilford County Planning Director.  The board agreed to make a  $100 donation to the education fund for his children.  SGCA had an excellent relationship with Greg.  He will be missed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM                 Dan Rogers, secretary

Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: July 10, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church

Next Board meeting:  July 2, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church