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 Southeast Guilford Community Association Advisory Board

 Meeting Minutes- July 10, 2008 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian Church

Attendees:   Lonnie Baxley, Dan Donovan,  Harold Garrett, Aaron Harris, , David Gearhart,  Aaron Harris, Sue McElroy,  Denise Osborne,  Nan Riddle, Dan Rogers


       Minutes were from 05/08/08 were read and approved.

       Rosemarie reported a balance $1562 in the treasury.

       Joe Andrews reported that he is working to determine which members have paid dues.   The group agreed that dues would be due each January for the year.  The dues for advisory members are $25.   The dues for general members are $15.  The group agreed that the general member  category 

       Kyle spoke about the Group 4 Democratic Communities.  The group was founded last summer.  Ed   and Marty  had done work abound anti-racism, schools and various causes.  Marty received an inheritance.  Xxxx was just hired as a full time staff person.  The second grant cycle will be this fall.   Kyle and xxxx were very complementary of our group.  They will be holding a workshop on community organizing on Saturday July 19th .  They are working with a group in Ashville, NC who wants to raise the minimum wage. It will be 9 AM- 1PM on 1214 Grove Street (the “Hive”) in the Glenwood community.  Sue will be attending and we reserved.   

       Darin covered the new committee structure.  He encouraged participation.  (?????attached to minutes).

       Dan  Donovan met with Bob Saunders, an attorney has asked to represent our organization.  Bob suggested that we create two organizations (501c3 and 501c4) and run this as a dual status organization.    Bob Saunders suggested the name Southeast Guilford Foundation be used for the 501C3/non-profit organization. Dan suggested that we use this organization for funding.  The Board members can be the same in both organizations.  The funds have to be kept separate between the two organizations.  David suggested that Dan Donovan become a member of the 501c3 organization.  Bob suggested that total fees would be under $2,500.   At the last Board of Directors meeting,  it was approved to begin to establish a 501c3 organization for the purpose of receiving grants and tax exempt donations to benefit the Southeast Guilford area.  The filing fees of $750-900 would be the entire commitment at this time.   There was general agreement that we mostly operate as a 501c3 and we need to create that organization.  There was a lot of discussion and concern about whether we need to retain the 501c4 organization.   

      Harold reported on the committee that is meeting after the advisory meeting tonight.  He asked for other volunteers. 

      Darin reported that a large tract of land north  of Field-Horney Road has been listed for sale.

      Dave met with Bill Agapion and is his daughter, Irene Palomeris and presented some ideas that can not be shared.  They have shown some interest.  Dave discussed some things that would  be detrimental to our community such as bars and massage parlors.  Dave suggested that they come to our committee meeting.  She agreed to come to a meeting and speak to our group.  Dan Rogers suggested that we create an adhoc committee.  Dave agreed and wanted to schedule the meeting first.

      Dave reported that Brantley-Tillman is working 7 days a week to complete the Food Line by mid-December.  Work has started on the sewer that will serve both the Food Lion Center and the Lowes Center.   Dave also read a letter from Sandy Weathersby showing their commitment to building the Lowes store just as soon as the DOT begins work on the exit from US-421.

 Dave also reported that  FOCA will be contributing around $500 to our organization.  The Alamance Community Lions Club will also be making a contribution.   Two other developers have promised donations.  These monies will help our group to pay for the legal costs for becoming a 501c3.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM                 Dan Rogers, secretary

 Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: August 14, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church

Next Board meeting:  August 6, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church