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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 August 14, 2008   7:00 PM   Alamance Presbyterian

 Attendees:  David Gearhart, Dan Donovan, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams, Harold Garrett, Denise Osborne, Jean King, Bob Chamberlain, Jennie McNamara, and Joe Andrews.

 Visitors: Mark and Zack Schwartz, Mid-Atlantic Development Group (Stone Gables)

 Mark Schwartz reported that the shopping area now has only three spaces left open for lease. There are two spaces that are each 1000 square feet, and they each rent for 1350.00 per month.  A 4800.00 square foot space is also available and rents for 6000.00 per month.  So far a pizza restaurant, a quilting store, a hair cut establishment, and a dry cleaner have leased spaces.  A coffee shop is looking at a space as well. The out-parcel is still for sale and members are encouraged to contact Mid-Atlantic with ideas for businesses that would serve the community well in this location.

 Ten of the Stone Gables villas have been sold and three more sales are pending.  Four villas, plus the model, are currently complete and available for purchase.

 Minutes from July 10, 2008 were approved as submitted.


         Treasurerís Report:  The bank account balance is 1918.00

         Dave Gearhart advised the committee that a developer had requested that we conduct a survey of residents in area to determine the type of drugstore that people would be interested in having nearby.  The drugstore survey will be developed and distributed right away.  Lonnie Baxley will be developing the survey and will post it on the association website.  Joe Andrews will send out an invitation for the survey to the association email list and to others in the area who may further distribute the invitation to their email lists.

         Dave Gearhart updated the committee on the progress of the Food Lion store.  It is due to be completed in December 2008.  He also shared some data with the committee regarding the amount of grocery purchasing power that exists locally.  Within a three mile radius of the Woody Mill site, 12.7 million dollars annually are currently being spent elsewhere for groceries.  Within a five mile radius, the figure is 28.7 million annually.

         Dan Donovan updated the committee on the status of the 501(c)(3).  The attorney is currently working on developing the articles of incorporation for the new non-profit corporation.  Dan hopes to meet with the attorney again soon.

         Harold Garrett gave an update on the preliminary results of the greenway/bike path survey.  The survey will remain open until August 30.

         Bob Chamberlain will work on developing a plan for advertising. The committee discussed promoting the Association and the South East Guilford County area in an effort to bring positive attention to the community.

 Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting: September 11, 7 PM at Alamance Church

Joe Andrews took these minutes.