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 Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 September 11, 2008   7:00 PM   Alamance Presbyterian

Attendees:  Joe Andrews, Lonnie Baxley, Susan Clawson,  Dan Donovan, Harold Garrett , David Gearhart,  Aaron Harris, Jean King,  Sue McElroy, Jennie McNamara, Dick Mearns, Denise Osborne, Nan Riddle, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas

Visitors: Elaine Stover from Greenschemes.   Elaine explained that she helps to facilitate groups who want to plan landscapes using Human Ecological Planning.  She recently helped facilitate a group to do a consensus design of a shopping area that includes New Garden Nurseries.  She has also worked with Greensboro Beautiful.  She does planning in concert with the local environment.  She establishes planning and design criteria.  She engages the community of those who are concerned with the end product.  She will be also be teaching the TOP (Technology of Participation) methodology in Greensboro Nov 5-6.  The cost is $645 for two days.  She uses this methodology to help facilitate design projects.  She encouraged us to be proactive in our quest to have a master plan for development of our community.  She encouraged us to gather pictures of what we want and then codify it.

Minutes from the August 14, 2008 meeting  were approved as submitted.

Jennie mentioned that Brennerís Children Hospital is offering raffle tickets for $100.  After the meeting, several people contributed $10.  The $10,000 prize will go into our treasury if our ticket was selected as the winner.


               Treasurerís Report:  Dave reported the bank account balance is $1500+/-.

               Dan Donovan reported that Sue prepared a grant request from Friends 4 Democratic Communities and Dan delivered it.  Dave reported that we requested $2500.  There are other grants

               Dan Donovan reported that attorney Bob Saunders had made changes to the SE Guilford Community Foundation articles of incorporation for the new non-profit corporation 501(c)(3)

               Dick reported on the greenway/bike path.  He wants to discuss the results of the survey with the committee and possibly get bike paths on a bond or obtain other sources of funding.  Aaron Harris met with Roger Bardsley from Guilford County.  He encouraged us that all developers be required to do sidewalks.  They discussed the Rails and Trails program.  Climax has an old train station that could possibly be added to this program.  Dick talked to Peggy Holland with Guilford county sidewalks and bike paths  on shoulders of roads.  Chuck  Hadley from the Moose Lodge reported that a path has been built around the Moose Lodge although it has not been paved yet.   

               The advertising committee met (Bob, Jean and Jennie and Denise).  They are seeking free advertising  for promoting  .   We missed being included in Discover the Triad.  They had an idea of doing our own newspaper for Southeast Guilford County.   One idea would be to expand Focus or the Pleasant Garden Post.

               The Drug Store survey generated 670 people visiting our site with a total 17,443 hits to the site.  The results were passed on to the developer.  There were 493 responses to the survey.  Walgreens was 52% and CVS was close behind.  A store could possibly open in spring if the developerís interest is solid.

               We want to have a table at the Lionís club community yard sale this Saturday at 8 AM to 1 PM.

               We want to have a table at the Forest Oaks Community association at 4-9 PM HoDown.

               Darin wants to give an award to those volunteers who are deserving 

               Leo Bobadilla, CFO Guilford County  Schools will be presenting in a future meeting

               Kerr Perkins, Guilford County Commissioner Chairman is considering a health clinic for our area

Meeting adjourned at 9:15

Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting October 16, 2008 at, 7 PM at Community In Christ

Dan Rogers, Secretary