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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 November 12, 2009 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian

Action items are bolded

Attendees:  Tom Ammeter, Joe Andrews, Lonnie Baxley, Bob Chamberlain, Harold Garrett, Aaron Harris, David Gearhart, Jean King, Sue McElroy, Dick Mearns, Denise Osborne, Nan Riddle, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams

Visitors:  Terry Ward, Cindy Farmer, Chuck Meyers, Alec Macintosh (City of Greensboro development)

Dave called the meeting to order.  Minutes from September 30 were distributed but not read and approved. $3,554 is in the checking account.  The net profit (after costs and donations) was $3,240 for the Fun Fest.    

 Nan reported on the Fall Fun Festival.  She presented a gift certificate to Park Ranger Terry Ward and also small gifts for his staff for their help with the festival.  Terry reported that he already reported to the county about the success of the event.  Nan presented a gift certificate to the festival MC, Cindy Farmer. Sherry Burris was represented with a $1,100 donation from SEGCA for the handicapped playground.  Sherry said they now have $101,000.  Sherry thanked SEGCA and reported that Steve Sharpe has given a quote for paving the parking lot at the playground.  There will be a fund raiser next week at FOCC on Friday night to benefit the playground.  Sherry also applied for grant from the Pressnell Corporation.  The project will require $115k for equipment plus $55k for parking lot, total around $175k.  This will be the only handicapped playground in Guilford County not inside the city limit.  Cindy wants to push to Guilford County to fund the project.  Darin suggested that we make a presentation to the commissioners next month.  Mayor Bill Green of Pleasant Garden is a possible ally for more funding.

 Alec Macintosh reported on city annexation plans and rules.  The city can annex based on: 1) petitions of residents, 2) based on utility extension agreements, 3) based on the NC Law related to standards and services. He showed a map of all areas that have signed extension agreements.  The standards and services method is a lengthy process.  Greensboro has no eminent plans for annexing anything in SEGC.  Properties that have failing water/septic systems can petition the city to extend water and/or sewer.  It is not a requirement for the city to extend water/sewer to all properties within an annexation area.  Homeowners would be notified of the options if the city decided to annex an area.  Satellite annexation petitions obligate the city to provide certain services but not water and sewer.  Ideally, Greensboro would like to annex land inside the urban loop before going to the area outside the loop.  City initiated annexations must be contiguous.  This is a complicated set of rules and is not easily summarized by the presenter (or the minute taker!).                                                                                                                           

 Harold reported on the pine needles sale.  Our cost for the trailer load was $4,095.  We’ve sold $3815 to date.  We’ve sold 901 bales.  We have 354 bales left to sell.  He proposed that we sell them to ourselves for 3.25/bale.  Motions carried for Harold to inform the pine needle supplier to cash our check and sell the remaining bales at the lower price.  Dave agreed to buy a lock for the trailer since the mobile sales office trailer will be moved to the Lions Club Christmas tree lot very soon.

 Denise talked about the Fun Fest.  The Businesses and community worked together.  She suggested this become an annual event.  She complimented the committee on the organization.  Dave echoed the comments and thanked Nan, Denise, Marty, Tom, Bob and the rest of the core committee.  Dan will produce a statement to show what was donated to us and what was given to GUM.  Nan agreed to chair the committee for 2010.  The date will be set for October 9th or October 16th.  Lonnie reported that the logos for all 17 sponsors will be displayed in the near future.  

 Dan reported on the FOSAP meeting held on October 26, 2009.  The committee will be meeting on December 7.  Joe, Dan and Denise have agreed to serve on the committee.

 Dick reported on walking trails/bike paths.  The volunteer for bobcat has not come through.  Dick made a motion to fund the construction for the trail at Alamance Park with up to $1,000.  The motion was passed.  Rosemarie offered to loan us a bobcat during the week of Christmas Dec18th through Dec 28th. 

 It was decided that we need to separate the funds between the Foundation and the Association.  Rosemarie agreed to set up the account and separate the funds.  Nan passed out a copy of the proposed revised bylaws.  She asked for the input to changes we feel are needed.       

  Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM

Next SEGCA Advisory meeting – December 10, 7:00 PM at Alamance Presbyterian

Dan Rogers, Secretary