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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 January 15, 2009   7:00 PM   Alamance Presbyterian

Attendees:  Joe Andrews, Lonnie Baxley,   Bob Chamberlain, Dan Donovan, Harold Garrett , David Gearhart,  Aaron Harris, Denise Osborne, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams  Visitors: Tom Ammeter,   Rob Krieger GM of Forest Oaks Country Club,  John  Whisnant of GGFC    

Minutes from the November 13, 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.

Dave thanked Lonnie for his work on the website.  Denise also reported that Lonnie is being honored as the spotlight volunteer in the new newspaper, Southeast Lifestyles.

John Whisnant spoke to the group about community foundations which are broad based organizations that deal with charity.  They accept donations and assist people in selecting ways to gives to charitable causes.  Greater Greensboroís Community Foundation (GGCF) was founded in 1983 by Cynthia Doyle.  They hold assets of $115 MM (figure does not reflect recent declines).  People can give to the fund and get an immediate deduction.  They later stipulate where the money should be directed.  GGCF also holds some of their own assets.  They make grants from their endowment pool to deserving organizations. John talked about funds recently set up by women for the benefit of women and also about an art fund seeded by a local law firm.  Most 501Cís in Guilford County house their endowment funds with GGCF.  He advised us to create a gift acceptance policy to protect SEGCA.  Darin spoke to the group about the advantages of using an organization (like GGCF) as a place to park our 501c3 funds.  The advantages include access to attorneys, leverage, credibility and professional money management.  GGCF grants money to its member organizations.  This often leads others to donate money.  GGCF interviews new organizations and qualifies them for membership.   They typically expect $2,500 to establish an operating fund for a new member organization.

Dave Gearhart led a conversation about grants.  Dan Donovan said that we can operate as a 501c3 while our application is approved.  The approval process may take 6 months.  Dave said that a foundation that he recently spoke to a foundation that would likely grant us money after our 501c3 certification.  Dave challenged to group to think of individuals who we could approach for donations.

Dave spoke about our base standards for residential standards for multi-family housing.  We have not yet developed guidelines for commercial development.  We need to plan now before we have a developer who is ready to begin a project.  A committee was formed including Dan Donavan, Joe Andrews and Dan Rogers. 

Joe Andrews is planning to send out dues notice via email to the advisory committee. 

Lonnie spoke about the Greenway.  He and Dick Mearns met with Beth Walton from UNCG about geocaching.  Using a GPS unit people do a modern day treasure hunt type of game.   Lonnie has mapped one trail using Google maps and added it to our website.  Harold mentioned that the Lions Club to have a walking trail around the ballpark.  A survey is required before proceeding.  Lonnie wants to develop relationship with A&T because the students have a requirement for 50 hours of community service and get school credit for doing so.   

Denise reported a new monthly newspaper called Southeast Lifestyle will have its first edition in late January.  Denise and Marty are partners doing the paper.  There will be daily updates on the web.

Food Lion allows groups like ours to sell hot dogs from their stand to make money.  The hours for our group are 11-6 on January 31.  Food Lion supplies the cooked hotdogs from the deli.  Dave will ask for volunteers via email.  For one recent week, our local Food Lion was number two in sales within the Burlington district.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00

Next SGCA Advisory Committee meeting February 12, 2009 at, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian

Dan Rogers, Secretary