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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes4/8/09

 March 12, 2009 7:00 PM  Alamance Presbyterian Church

Action items are bolded

Attendees:  Lonnie Baxley,  Harold Garrett, David Gearhart, Jean King, Sue McElroy, Dick Mearns, Denise Osborne, Nanette Riddle, Dan Rogers  Visitors: Nancy Joe Smith, mayor pro tem of Pleasant Garden    

Dave Gearhart called the meeting to order.  The minutes from the Feb 12 meeting were modified and approved.

Jean King agreed to send a get-well card to Jennie McNamara who injured her back several weeks ago

Dave Gearhart reported approximately $2,116 in the treasury.  Dave reported 1842 hits to our website in 2009.  He also announced an electronics recycling event will be held in Pleasant Garden on March 14th.

Nancy Joe Smith, mayor pro tem of Pleasant Garden, discussed a new program in Pleasant Garden called “Reading Grows Community.”  Greensboro’s program, “One City, One Book” is similar to what PG is planning.  The book being focused is The Pleasure Was Mine.  On May 3, the author Tommy Hayes will be in Pleasant Garden.  They are seeking to create reading discussion groups within the community. 

Sue McElroy reported she and Nanette are now looking for grants.  The Greensboro Community Foundation has a grant application due in May.  Joe has been doing related research.

Jean King reported from the Marketing Committee.  Kim Brafford has sent outlines for stories.  The deadline for advertising is June 20.  Several local businesses have expressed an interest in the ads.  Nanette contacted a friend about how to advertise SEGC.  She agreed to put out a pamphlet in the Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau for our area.  In the interim, before a pamphlet is completed they are using Southeast Lifestyle, the local newspaper. 

Dave Gearhart asked for volunteers on the Fund Raising Committee. There was a brief discussion about the kinds of things that would be involved.  There were no volunteers identified during the meeting.

Dan Rogers reported that the Commercial Development Standards Committee will be meeting with Trevor Nuttal from Guilford County Planning to discuss developing and deploying new standards

Denise discussed the idea of taking a survey to determine what type of businesses people in the area want.  Denise agreed to advertise the survey in Southeast Lifestyle. Dan Rogers agreed to work with Lonnie to create a survey.

Dick Mearns reported Alamance Park trail has been marked.  Vinnie, the bobcat owner, will be engaged to clear the area very soon.  Lonnie reported that we may add to the trail that already exists at Southeast Baptist Church.  He will meeting with church leaders.   The entire property is 22 acres.  Susan Samuelson has discussed having a volks (people’s) march.  This would be a community wide event to feature all of the trails in the area with a picnic at the end.  Dick met with, Alex Ashton, Bill Bruce, Peggy Holland, Robbie Perkins, Mike Mills and others about trails, sidewalks and bike lanes.  There will be meeting March 25th at 2 PM with the Transportation Advisory Council.  We are requesting funding for 28 miles of paved shoulders which will be a start on the greenway between Hagan-Stone Park and Lake Mackintosh.  We are also requesting 8 miles of sidewalks along Southeast School Road, Liberty Road and Pleasant Garden Road.       

Dave reported that mail theft in the area on March 2nd or 3rd.  Checks were removed from area mail boxes and cashed.

Lonnie Baxley reported that his APICS group (Operations Management professionals) group reviewed a recent presentation which showed how our larger airport will influence growth. This area will become the Piedmont NC “aerotropolis.” 

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Next SEGCA Advisory Committee meeting April 9, 2009 at, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian

Dan Rogers, Secretary