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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

 July 9, 2009 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian Church

Action items are bolded

Attendees:  Tom Ammeter, Lonnie Baxley,  Harold Garrett, David Gearhart, Aaron Harris, Jean King, Sue McElroy,

Nan Riddle, Dan Rogers, Darin Thomas, Rosemarie Williams  Visitors: Anne Hice

Dave Gearhart called the meeting to order.  The minutes from the June 11 meeting were read, amended and approved.     

Rosemarie Williams reported the treasury contains $615.82. 

Sue McElroy reported for the Grant Writing Committee.  The grant from Building Stronger Neighborhoods was not approved due to the fact our area is outside the city limits.  Darin thought we should engage the Greensboro Community Foundation.  Sue reported that she passed the grant writing course.      

Bob was not present to report for the Marketing Committee.  There was a discussion of local newspaper cutbacks.   

Dan had no new info on the Commercial Development Planning. Dan suggested that a meeting be arranged with Sandy Weathersby to discuss their interest in funding development standards.

Nan Riddle reported for the nominating committee (Joe, Bob, Sue, Aaron).  The current officers and Board members except Angela and Dan Donovan all agreed to serve for an additional 2 years.  Aaron Harris was also submitted.  The vote will occur on August 13 meeting.  Nan reported that the nominating committee will be suggesting changes in the by-laws at the August or September meeting.  An idea to increase the Board to a maximum of 11 was briefly discussed and tabled.  Nan also reported that her company LabCorp will match donations for non-profit organizations.  Others agreed their companies would do the same.     

Harold Garrett reported for the Greenway/trails committee.  They have arranged for a bobcat for clearing the trail and spreading the mulch at the Alamance ballpark trail.    Dick made a presentation on June 26 at the Transportation Advisory Council.  The response from TAC was positive about the presentation. Doug Galyon from NCDOT also attended the meeting.

Darin reported that the Willow Bend rezoning was denied.  Melissa Adams spoke for Willow Bend at the rezoning.  They were well prepared and organized.  The developer plans to appeal to the county commissioners.  Darin spoke for SEGCA and also supported Willow Bend in their opposition.  Lonnie reported that Darin represented SEGCA well.  The developer was not well prepared.    

Dave and Dan reported on the previous Board meeting.  The major idea was to create a “big event” for Southeast Guilford County to make people aware of our organization.  The owners of Southeast Lifestyle (Denise Osborne and Marty Heim were present at the meeting.   “Chili, cars and a concert” was suggested as a core part of the event.  There was concern that we include more children’s events.  After a lot of discussion about the event from those present, Nan agreed to chair the committee.    Lonnie agreed to check into geocaching event.  Bob Tom, Jean and Jeanie agreed to serve. 

Dave reported the Forest Oaks Shopping Center is for sale.  Several people have expressed concern over the property.  Some individuals may be willing to put forward funds.  The property is deteriorating rapidly.  Dave expressed that we should make this a priority as a community for the coming months.     

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Next SEGCA Advisory Committee meeting August 13, 2009 at, 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian

Dan Rogers, Secretary