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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2010 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian

Members Present:  Tom Ammeter, Lonnie Baxley, Bob Chamberlain, Harold Garrett, David Gearhart, Aaron Harris,

Jean King, Jeffrey Knotts, Jeanie McNamara, Denise Osborne, Nanette Riddle, Dan Rogers, Rosemarie Williams

New Members Present: Terry Davis, Linda Welborn, Chuck Meyer  

Visitors Present:  Terry Ward (Hagan Stone Park Ranger), Paul Daniels (Guilford County School Board), Ellen Vitez

Agenda Topics/discussion items:

1.      Dan: Secretary’s minutes from April 8, 2009 were read, amended and approved.   

2.      Rosemarie: Treasury report.  SEGCA balance $1942.16  Foundation balance $3,233.90

3.      Ranger Terry Ward:  Presented the final design for the handicapped playground at Hagan Stone Park.  Construction will only require 4-6 weeks and will start this summer.  The county has allocated $1.2 MM to improve the park.  A completed master plan by February 2011.  $400K will be available for each of the next 3 years.

4.      Tom Ammeter: reported Directors and Officers liability insurance will be purchased within the next week.  This will cost almost $800/year.  SEGCA will pay half and SEGF will pay half.

5.      Aaron: Walking Trail at Alamance Park report. Brett Saunders was paid $50 for his work last fall.  Work is not progressing now but will resume soon.  Steve Sharpe will supply some equipment/labor.  Paul suggested that connecting the 2 trails should be visited after Alamance School is remodeled.  Lonnie and three others attended a trails meeting in the area and were able to get some of the SEGCA projects prioritized.

6.      Dan: Membership roster has been purged at the last meeting.  Three more members were added.

7.      Dave: appointed Bob Chamberlain to the vacant Vice President position.

8.      Jeanie: work to drop duplicates/correct the email list is nearly complete.  Paul has voter registration list from the school district that he will share.  Lots of discussion about how to collect email addresses.   Lonnie wants us to develop a job description for the student and a description of what needs to be done with a service like Constant Contact.   

9.      Nan: Fun Fest preparation continues.  The committee is meeting regularly.  8-10 people are attending and working.  Cindy Farmer will be MC again in 2010.  Several people who were present volunteered to join the committee.  Tom reported that we may get organizations to join the chili cook-off.  Sponsors include Jeanie McNamara, SE Lifestyle, Jean King and others.  The idea of a traveling trophy for the cook-off.

10.  Dave: Asked for volunteers/suggestions for a grant writer.  

11.  Paul:  Encouraged the group to contact school board members about the location of the new SE elementary school

Motions Approved:

1.       Minutes from 4/8/10 were amended and approved.

2.      Directors and Officers insurance purchase was approved.

Assignments / Follow up items:

1.       Nannette         Research on Constant contact

2.       Dave               Contact the SEHS about getting a student  to help SEGCA email list

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Next SEGCA Meeting – June 13th at 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church

Dan Rogers, Secretary