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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2010 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian

Members Present:  Tom Ammeter, Lonnie Baxley, Bob Chamberlain, Raymond Clapp, Harold Garrett, Jean King, Jeffrey Knotts, Dick Mearns,  Chuck Meyer, Denise Osborne, Nanette Riddle, Dan Rogers, Rosemarie Williams    

Visitors Present:  Mike Johnston

Agenda Topics/discussion items:

1.      Dan Rogers submitted secretary’s minutes from May 13, 2010:   Minutes were amended and approved.   

2.      Rosemarie Williams reported on treasury:  SEGCA checking balance is $1,529.16.   

3.      Tom Ammeter and Dave Gearhart reported on meetings at SEHS: Met with Haywood Stukes, counseling department, about how to get the students involved in Funfest. Also discussed students helping with our email distribution list as a senior project. 

4.      Dick Mearns reported on Alamance ballpark walking trail:  Steve Sharpe’s brother, Martin looked at the project and estimated $700 to finish clearing the trail and spreading mulch.  There are four loads of mulch already dumped on the property.  An additional request for $300 may be required for completing the bridge.  REI has offered us a $700 “Outfitting Certificate” for rental on outdoor equipment.  This could be used as a raffle prize at the Funfest.

5.      Bob Chamberlain reported on grants: Kristy Caradori works writing grants at UNCG and has offered to help us write grants.  Kim Novosad from Forest Oaks also has experience and  has also agreed to help..

6.      Rosemarie Williams met with her accountant who prepared the SEGCA the tax return.  He will also do SEG Foundation tax reporting which is due on June 30.

7.      Dan Rogers reported on the Liberty Road/Woody Mill Road small Area Plan.  The speed limit will be changed to 35 MPH on Liberty Road near the intersection of Forest Oaks Drive.   The vision, goals and objectives are being reviewed and revised.  Next meeting will be in August.

8.      Nanette Riddle reported on Funfest committee:  They are meeting regularly (next Monday at 6:30 PM).  The pony rides and band are both increasing their prices to $1,125 and $1,700, respectively.  Bob also investigated a petting zoo.  All three are cost prohibitive.  Looking for alternatives to keep the cost more in line with 2009.  The handicapped playground at the site will be finished near the end of August.  Will need all possible volunteers in case the crowd is larger than 2009.

9.      Denise reported youth rodeo: In late July there will be a youth Rodeo in PG.  It will be sponsored by PGBC.

10.  Bob reported a mobile home has recently been located on FO Drive.  The floor plan was never approved.  It will be removed next week.

Motions Approved:

1.      Minutes from 4/8/10 were amended and approved.

Assignments / Follow up items:

1.      Bob      Update distribution list from membership roster

2.      Tom     Follow up with SEHS about getting a student to help SEGCA email list

3.      Bob      Call a grant writing committee meeting

4.      Dan      Contact DOT to determine date of speed limit change. Get map of area from Google for website.

5.      Lonnie Add Speed Limit to website when speed limit change is known.

6.      Bob      Send emails about speed limit to our email list, FOCA and Lynnwood Lakes, etc

7.      Denise Email SEBA to get sponsors and any other support for Funfest

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Next SEGCA Meeting – July 8th at 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church

Dan Rogers, Secretary