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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2010 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian

Members Present:  Tom Ammeter, Lonnie Baxley, Bob Chamberlain, Harold Garrett, Dave Gearhart, Aaron Harris, Jean King, Sue McElroy, Dick Mearns,  Denise Osborne, Nanette Riddle, Dan Rogers, Rosemarie Williams    

Visitors Present:  Norman Causey, Bill Causey, Kim Novosad, Terry Lee

Agenda Topics/discussion items:

1.      Dan Rogers submitted secretary’s minutes from June 10, 2010:   Minutes were amended and approved.   

2.      Rosemarie Williams reported on treasury:  SEGCA checking balance is $1,629.16.   

3.      Bob reported that the distribution list and roster have been updated.

4.      Tom Ammeter reported on meetings at SEHS: Met with Haywood Stukes, counseling department, and discussed some individual students or an entire business class to help update our email distribution list.

5.      Bob reported that the grant committee met and considered the Hillsdale Fund grant.  Several pieces of background info had to be provided.  Marty Heim helped create a letterhead with a logo.  Forms to recognize contributions have also been created.  Tax statements and bylaws for the foundation both need to be prepared before the app is due on September 1st.  Plan to meet with Hillsdale soon to discuss.

6.      Dan Rogers reported on the Liberty Road/Woody Mill Road small Area Plan.  The speed limit will be changed to 35 MPH on Liberty Road near Forest Oaks Drive soon.   Next planning meeting in August.

7.      Denise reported that she has been unable to contact many members of the SEBA for Funfest sponsorship

8.      Nanette Riddle reported on Funfest committee:    October 9th is the event date.  Denise and Marty have secured a $1,000 donation from SEBA.  The same band from last year will perform.  Healthsource Chiropractic will perform chair messages and donate to proceeds to SEGCA.  Will discuss concessions next time.  Made requests to Food Lion.  The band stage and generator rent from the City of Greensboro will be $500 and paid from our 501c3.   Meeting again on 7/13.  Have 3 stage sponsors and one vendor. 

9.      Dick Mearns reported on Alamance ballpark walking trail:  Steve Sharpe’s brother, Martin finished clearing the trail and spreading mulch.  The Lions Club has agreed to build a bridge.  Dick asked for volunteers to help on Saturday at 8:30 AM to finish up with pruning and mulch spreading.  Pictures have been posted on our website. 

10.  Kim Novosad reported about site for the new Southeast Elementary school.  The site that has been selected is across from the American Express.   Her concern is that economic impact in SEGC will be very negative if the school is not built in our area and also that Alamance will be overcrowded after it is remodeled to have less capacity.  She wants to SEGCA to help with this cause.  The item will become before the County Commissioners next Thursday 7/22.

11.  Bob Chamberlain reported again on grants: Kristy Caradori writes grants at UNCG and has offered to help us write grants.  Kim Novosad from Forest Oaks also has experience and has also agreed to help.

12.  Alex Ashton with GC Planning /Parks &Recreation reported on the open space program.  Dennis Burnette from the open space committee also attended.  A slide presentation was given.  $10MM bond was approved in 2004 to fund the program.   He covered the criteria they use to acquire land.  They are looking for land in our area.  

Motions Approved:

1.      Minutes from June 10 were amended and approved.

Assignments / Follow up items:

1.      Dan-Contact DOT to determine date of speed limit change. Get map of area from Google for website.

2.      Grant Writing Committee-Submit Hillsdale Fund grant after meeting with them.

3.      All-volunteers to help on Saturday at 8:30 AM to finish up with pruning and mulch spread

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Next SEGCA Meeting – September 9th at 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church

Dan Rogers, Secretary