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 Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2010 7:00 PM Alamance Presbyterian

Members Present:  Tom Ammeter, Lonnie Baxley, Bob Chamberlain, Harold Garrett, Dave Gearhart, Aaron Harris, Jean King, Sue McElroy, Dick Mearns,  Denise Osborne, Nanette Riddle, Dan Rogers, Rosemarie Williams    

Visitors Present:  Norman Causey, Bill Causey, Kim Novosad, Terry Lee

Agenda Topics/discussion items:

1.      Dan Rogers submitted secretary’s minutes from July 8, 2010.   Minutes were amended and approved.   

2.      Rosemarie Williams not present to report on treasury:  SEGCA checking balance is $1,600+/-.   

3.      Denise Osborne has obtained an email list of 2500 names bringing the total available to around 5,000 will be used to advertise Funfest.   They were sent out at 8 PM (during the meeting).  Dave commented that SEGCA has around 500 more.  The idea is for people to forward the email to others and magnify the publicity.

4.      Dan reported on the site selection for SE area Elementary School.  No final decision yet from GC BOE.

5.      Harold and Dave reported that in 2005 Forest Oaks Estates petitioned GC for water and sewer.  There are many houses with water/sewage problems.  GC agreed to extend water and sewer in 2006 and Timmons group was engaged to do the engineering.  In 2008, a meeting was held at FOCC.  Dave discussed this with Betty Garrett recently.  Greensboro is now considering breaking the contract with GC.  Construction is underway from SEHS to Alamance Elementary.  County employees can’t express a public opinion because of the disagreement with the city.  There was consensus that SEGCA would support the efforts of Forest Oaks Estates to move this issue forward to get county/city support for construction.

6.      Aaron reported that Matt Brown, manager of the Greensboro Coliseum will present at FOCC on 9/14/2010 at 6 PM.  He will discuss the aquatic center, ACC Hall of Fame and amphitheater. 

7.      Dan Rogers reported on the Liberty Road/Woody Mill Road small Area Plan.  The speed limit will be changed to 35 MPH on Liberty Road near Forest Oaks Drive soon.   Next planning meeting in August.

8.      Denise reported that the handicapped playground is nearly complete.  She has been unable to contact many members of the SEBA for Funfest sponsorship

9.      Bob reported that PART has leased 15 spaces at Pleasant Garden Town Hall and is looking for other areas in SE Guilford County.

10.  Tom Ammeter reported in detail on Funfest preparations:    October 9th, 2010 is the event date.   Expenses are higher this year.  With sponsors already committed the event is near a break-even.

11.  Lonnie reported that we need re-buy our domain name/hosting services for $172.48.  Motion carried.

12.  Bob suggested that we have a Program Committee to periodically host speakers of interest

13.  Bob mentioned that a new set of officers needs to be elected to be in compliance with our by-laws.   

14.  Harold reported that the Lions Club has purchased all the materials for the bridge on the walking trail at Alamance Ballpark.  Work will begin very soon.

Motions Approved:

1.      Minutes from July 8 were amended and approved.

2.      Agreed to buy 3 years of domain name and 1 year hosting for $172.48.

Assignments / Follow up items:

1.      Lonnie agreed scan all documents related to the Forest Oaks Estates sewer issue.

2.      Tom to send Dan email with Funfest overview to include in these minutes

3.      Bob to form a nominating committee to propose a slate of officers at November meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM

Next SEGCA Meeting – October 14th at 7 PM at Alamance Presbyterian Church

Dan Rogers, Secretary