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Southeast Guilford Community Association Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2011 7:00 PM   Forest Oaks Country Club

Meeting called to order at 7 pm                                                      10/13/2011


            Denise Osborne, Tom Ammeter, Jeffrey Knotts, Lonnie Baxley, Mike Johnston, Chuck Meyer, Bob Chamberlain, Aaron Harris, Dick Mearns, Tom McKinney, Nanette Turner, Sue McElroy, David Gearhart, Rosemarie Williams, Linda Welborn

Minutes from 9/8/2011 were reviewed and approved

Treasurers report- no data received yet from Rose Marie to Dan but he has signed at BB&T and Denise needs to go sign her name on account  Branch at Bessemer Ave.  Dan will get treasurers report, check book by next meeting

Board Report:  Tom Ammeter summarized what Board decided-.Membership differentiation for general members and advisory members. Advisory members can vote, general cannot.  Only 25 spots for advisory and want to cull from the general membership and see who is active and involved and pursue our advisory members from those. $15 for general membership, $50 for advisory.  Part of purpose of info tent at Funfest was to sell memberships (Dan) – Talked to 15+ people. 2 signed up and paid immediately. 11 others who are interested  Will make contact.  Form created for increasing membership – Lonnie put it on line.

Funfest Highlights:  Nanette

            Great weather, 60+ booths. Unofficial number from Terry Ward is 7200. $638 from kids zone. 41 cars in car show  Wrap up meeting for Funfest volunteers and committee members Nov 1st.   If you want to be reimbursed for things you bought, need to submit to Rosemarie by end of this week.  Unofficial number of income $7k

Old Business: Dave Gearhart  Water & Sewer FO Estates

2003/2004 documents of approval to install  2010 – 3 yrs of having agreement with city & county to install – city cancelled agreement at end of 2010  Last week N&R-10/4 article of county & city near deal of splitting money for water & sewer fund County  & city have not agreed on which projects will be paid for from this fund-which ones get priority.    Have list of email addresses for county commissioners. Need to get city council emails too. Need to send/bombard them with info to support putting in the water & sewer in FO Estates.  Contact persons:  Dave Gearhart & Harold Garrett  will send out blip of general info to our contacts so they can follow up with requests to city council & county commissioners. Info to go out on SEGCA letter head to show that this organization is behind this

New Business:  Aaron Harris & Dick Mearns  Open Space  County has about a million dollars to spend. Looking at land across from SE high school, also across from Lowe’s development area. Want wooded spaces.  May not be able to get the frontage on Liberty Rd.  Alex Ashton exploring –  location would be ideal for a park.  Could later sell to Parks & Rec  Will get back to Alex and say we aren’t against it, just not sure if he can get it.  Causey Estate that was to be Mega Builders – is about 60 acres. Total is over 100 acres.

Archive Directory – Dan Rogers  As being secretary has acquired 142 documents  Make concerted effort into an archive and catalogued well before it gets out of hand. Need Funfest documents.  Where is best place to keep this? Online filing cabinet somewhere- Lonnie offered to look for servers who offer this storage/search capability. Tom McKinney sells these programs so may explore something that work. Need one hard copy of everything – data, insurance, etc.  Minutes/documentation need to be separated from SEGCA and the Foundation  Rosemarie has lots of data via Quickbooks so will share that with Dan

Discussion Of Committees- Tom Ammeter

New Committees to be formed: 




Building Advisory Team  for new School Linda Welborn

            Have taken an option on land on Causey Lake. Strong spiel today but haven’t gotten far enough to do a purchase but doing water/sewer  Fast track for this school -open fall 2013.  32 acres  November meeting to have additional information.  Design to be done in 6 months

Bob Chamberlain –Alliances 

Sat. Oct. 22nd 8-2 PG Fire Station Ladies Auxiliary 1 stop shop extravaganza  Go if you can and support them as they support us for Funfest. 

Lonnie – SE Baptist Soccer event this Saturday unveiling of the sports field 11-1 pm

Meeting adjourned 8:32