Southeast Guilford Community Association - PO Box 112 - Pleasant Garden, NC 273131/31/2012

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Take a virtual walk through the trails in our community

Alamance Community Park Trail   
Alamance Community Park Trail - (Around Ball Fields) 0.4 Mile
Entrance east of Williams Dairy Road parking lot in woods.

Profile: approximately 725 - 765 ft.

Keep an eye out for the deer, we saw two the day these pictures were taken.

Thanks to Dick Mearns and his Trail Team for making this trail and bridge possible!

See Bridge Construction


Trail Committee:
Dick Mearns - chair,
Harold Garrett, Aaron Harris, Sue McElroy, Rosemarie Williams, Susan Samuelson and Lonnie Baxley.


The entire committee has been involved in this and various other efforts to bring trails and bike lanes to our area. 
A special nod goes to:

        -     Harold Garrett for his efforts with the construction and for enlisting the Lions club to sign on to

                build the bridge. 

        -    Aaron Harris for efforts with the construction and for securing various sources of equipment /

               operators for the trail clearing and mulch spreading.

        -    Rosemary Williams for lending her backhoe to the effort.